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The Veach family has deep roots in Winchester. Les has lived in our community 25 years. He met his wife, Sabra (John Handley High School, JHHS, graduate), on a blind date. It was love at first sight (at least for Les). They raised their children, Cassidy, Callie, and Cameron, through the Winchester Public School system, all graduating from JHHS.

During his first visit, in 1972, Les also fell in love at first sight with Winchester. Since 1991, Les has operated a small, successful business, which he quickly moved to Winchester when the opportunity arose. Along with other Winchester citizens, Winchester is home for Les as he lives here, works here, and is heavily involved in our community.

Winchester thrives on the volunteerism of our great citizens, who do and give so much. Passion for the local community launched Les’s desire to give something back and help our great Winchester citizens. Over the past two decades, he has devoted time and resources volunteering with local government and many nonprofit organizations. From teaching youth Sunday school classes to serving as Winchester City Council liaison to the WPS School board, many of Les’s efforts have been focused on helping area youth have better lives and paths for successful futures.

When not volunteering time, Les likes to learn new things.  He does this by talking with citizens, reading, gardening, and cooking. He diligently attempts to keep all of his plants alive in his new azalea garden.

Since 2009, Les has worked for you, focusing on residents’ priorities and concerns as your Council representative and will continue STRONG support for citizens in the areas of:

  • City infrastructure and maintenance to provide housing options for all and to help us get home or to our jobs stress-free
  • Education for all youth and promoting their earning marketable skills for careers
  • Improving City communication and citizens’ voices and involvement in decisions
  • Public safety so all can enjoy their neighbors and City without worry
  • Low tax rates so citizens can use their funds as they desire
  • Code enforcement to assure safe living conditions and neighborhoods in which all can take pride
  • Personal communication with citizens to hear concerns and needs

Les’s Experience and Education:

2009-Present, Winchester City Council:

  • Council Vice Mayor 2013-2015
  • Council Vice President 2018
  • Council Public Works Committee representative 2009
  • Council liaison with Winchester Public Schools for best education
  • Member, Strategic Planning Team, Winchester Public Schools 2015
  • Council representative on VHS tax/PILOT resolution
  • Council representative speaker at Top of Virginia Regional Chamber Community Leadership Program
  • Council member on Community Development Committee to implement Community Development Block Grant and other neighborhood and affordable housing strategies and policies
  • Graduated Winchester City Insight Academy and Winchester Policy Department’s Citizen Police Academy
  • Attend North and South End Citizens Group meetings to best understand citizens’ needs
  • Speaker at U.S. Government and other classes at JHHS and DMMS, LFCC Business class, City Insight Academy classes
  • Attended and spoke at many ribbon cuttings welcoming businesses to area (Best Buy, Dick’s, Firefly, Keller Williams Realty, 50th anniversary of the Dormition of the Virgin Mary Greek Orthodox Church, etc.)

1991-present – Small business owner: Les Veach – State Farm Insurance Agency

Sponsored many nonprofit events including Boy Scouts Fashion Show fundraiser, Toys for Tots dropoff site, numerous golf charity fundraisers, several local youth teams, etc.; and promoted Lions Club broom sale on site.

Attended leadership class LFCC, leadership classes at University of Virginia Darden School of Business, Business & Education summits, Apple Blossom business luncheons, business symposiums at Shenandoah University.

  • IBM systems engineer 1984-1991
  • Master of Science, civil engineering, Carnegie Mellon University 1984
  • Bachelor’s of Science, chemical engineering, Carnegie Mellon University 1982
  • Graduate, Petersburg High School (WV) 1978

Les believes in serving our Community.
Les believes that contributing to the success of all of our young people is the foundation of a healthy Winchester community. Over his 25 years living here, he has worked with a number of community organizations to help our youth have better lives and opportunities to move toward success.

  • Youth Sunday school teacher/leader, Opequon Presbyterian Church
  • Board member 2003-2010 and treasurer 2005-2010, Winchester Exchange Club
  • “Exchangite” of the Year 2006-2007.  Exchange’s National Project is the prevention of child abuse.

Volunteer and Board Memberships:

  • Nominee, Top of Virginia Chamber’s Greater Good “Citizen of the Year” Award 2019
  • Current chairperson, Apple Club 2009-present; Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival 2007-present
  • President-Elect, Shenandoah University Athletic Association 2007-2010
  • Member, Winchester Kiwanis Club 2014-present. Kiwanis is dedicated to improving the lives of children by serving the needs of children, such as fighting hunger, improving literacy, and offering guidance.
  • Board member and volunteer, Child Safe Center/Child Advocacy Center 2019-present. The mission is to promote a child-focused approach to the investigation, prosecution, and treatment of child abuse by providing a safe, child-friendly facility with professional support, education, and advocacy services.
  • Member, Top of Virginia Chamber and Chamber Business 2 Business

Volunteer at Numerous Local Charities:

  • Judge, Widget Cup (area High School students’ annual trade-skills competition)
  • Events, Concern Hot Line
  • Fundraisers, NW Works
  • Christmas parades, Lions Club
  • Christmas bell ringing, Salvation Army
  • Judge, SPCA pageant fundraiser
  • Events, Apple Blossom
  • Game concessions to benefit junior classes, JHHS
  • Christmas parades and Belle Grove Beer Fest, Middletown
  • Octoberfest, Friday Night Live, Night of Havana, Winchester downtown events
  • Business sponsor & volunteer, Kids Voting
  • Substitute math teacher, Mt. View Christian Academy
  • Football coach, Winchester Little League

Attended/supported events, including:

  • Winchester City Employee Appreciation banquets
  • WPS Teacher convocations
  • Boy Scout honor dinners
  • JHHS/Tree City USA tree planting
  • Top of Virginia Regional Chambers Valor & Greater Good awards
  • French-Indian War presentations
  • Hob Nob in the Valley events
  • Top of Virginia Artisan Trail presentations