To date, I have had the honor of serving our City’s citizens on our Council for 12 years.  In 2020, I am seeking reelection in the First Ward to Winchester City Council.

Together, we have accomplished many things, including major areas such as:

  • Education: new school, Innovation Center, teacher compensation
  • Infrastructure: Downtown Mall, city entrances, water/sewer lines, sidewalks
  • City communication:  communicating with calendar, Insight class, Citi-newsletters, social media
  • Public safety: lights, cameras, great teams of first responders
  • Financial: bond rating, responsible city borrowing, building rainy day fund, etc.
  • Awards:  received many for place for business, retirement, etc.

We are not satisfied!  We have unfinished work to do!  In

  • Education: finish buildings; continue Pre-K; keep teacher salaries competitive; and use our Career and Technical Education program to provide graduates with marketable job skills that enable them to work and live here in the same community they call home
  • Infrastructure: continue redevelopment efforts, provide housing options for all, and continue roads and traffic control so we can move through an intersection with one light change
  • City communication: increase transparency, expand electronic service, and promote citizen involvement in decisions
  • Public safety: remain focused on certification for first-responder departments, continue addressing the opioid crisis, and renew the focus on pedestrian safety so citizens feel comfortable walking anywhere anytime
  • Financial: work to keep tax rates low, continue responsible spending, and use the budget process to revisit the effectiveness of prior line-item expenditures
  • Environment: return to our full-line recycling so we are putting non-biodegradable items (as with glass currently) in the ground.

Citizens convey they want a representative who has 1) lived in Winchester a while, 2) been involved and engaged in our community, and 3) experience. All of these credentials I feel I provide as I 1) have been a resident of Winchester for 25 years and continue to be, 2) am heavily involved in volunteering and giving back to our community, and 3) have served on our Council since 2009.

In order to keep our way of life while continuing to improve life for all citizens, I am running for reelection to City Council. With my outstanding reelection committee, the campaign is off and running! We have an aggressive plan.  To continue listening to the views of my fellow citizens so I may represent your views and fight for our citizens on Council, I am going door to door visiting my fellow citizens!

To continue to be your valued representative in providing steady, strategic leadership for Winchester, I humbly ask for your support and vote.

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Thank you so much!

Les Veach
Reelection to Winchester City Council